I’m glad
you asked...

I’m Derek, a designer / director living in Detroit, Michigan. Ever since I could reach a keyboard you could find me in a dimly lit room carefully crafting digital experiences.

When not grimacing into a screen I’m usually building physical art or products. Or I might be flying down a mountian face that I honestly do not have the skill or stamina to be taking on.

An ever evolving landscape of the internet, content creation tools, and other maturing technologies keep me constantly engaged and challenged to learn new things and solve new problems.

I fail constantly but rarely give in. It’s borderline neurotic behavior and you won’t ever hear me apologize for it.

The amazing people
I’ve worked with.

I love

I'm learning

I left behind

When I'm not working I…

Mountian Bike


and Wrench.

Wow – You made it to the end!


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