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Son of a Telephone Engineer, and a born tinkerer. I've been breaking and fixing things my entire life in the endless pursuit of How the hell does this work?

Today I enjoy building anything from cars to delightful user interfaces. I strive to learn with every project, and never do the same thing twice. Showing my peers how to do new things and empowering those around me. But most of all I love being the dumbest guy in the room and learning by doing with others.

So for the sake of keeping this short, if I sound like someone who would be a valuable team member lets chat. Over beer – Not wine. You can drink wine, that's fine with me.


Who you with? Where you from?

Campbell Ewald - Detroit, MI

Supervisor Digital Art Director / Developer, August 2014 - Present

Senior Art Director / Developer, June 2011 - August 2014

Iain Lanivich had an open position back at CE and managed to lure me back by the way of some strange mixture of magic and aspiration. How he managed to do this is still a mystery – to the both of us. Regardless, LCE had changed a lot since I had previously left to seek greener pixels.

Today I spend my days designing user interfaces. Also I try to ease the burden of creating great UI/UX on my team while using modern tools and frameworks. I still get my hands dirty in the code too, which is fun and important for me to keep up with the trends in the digital space. I enjoy keeping up on new trends and workflows that we can implement within the team to create better work more efficiently while helping my team learn and utilize these new tools.

Other responsibilities on a day to day basis are working the traditional brand creatives and creative directors to assure our digital work carries the brand message accurately. While also working with clients to create real solutions to their digital marketing needs.

I enjoy experimenting with Internet Of Things, how people interact with those things and how they enrich peoples lives.

Hook Studios - Ann Arbor, MI

Senior Developer, January 2011 - June 2011

Hook in my eyes is one of the best – if not the best digital production shop in the state. I really enjoyed working with the team there to produce great work for clients like Toyota, Puma, Sprint, and Microsoft. Between these jobs, we were given a lot of time to try new ideas or technologies, which I feel is an important activity when working in the digital space. Leaving Hook and the talented team there after a short time wasn’t easy, but the idea of being able to ride my bicycle to work again and work on creative upstream again didn’t hinder my decision.

RingSide Creative - Oak Park, MI

Associate Interactive Creative Director, January 2008 - January 2011

A coworker and I left CE to start the digital group at RingSide Creative, formerly GTN. At RingSide I worked with Creative teams from local and regional agencies, such as: Team Detroit, CE, Doner, CP+B, and more. We have created solutions for these partners ranging from iPhone apps to social media solutions. I was also able to collaborate with many different departments including but not limited to Motion Graphics, CGI, Compositing, Audio, Editing etc. As the digital space continues to grow, I am able to use my agency experience, creative thinking and technical experience to help these internal groups deliver creative that is ready for the web and other interactive technologies. I also enjoyed assisting their production team with video production. The group we started at RingSide has since been spun off into a group named Picnic and is going strong today.

Campbell Ewald - Warren, MI

Senior Multimedia Art Director, February 2006 - January 2008

Digital Designer, March 2005 - February 2006

Doner - Southfield, MI

Interactive Designer, January 2001 - March 2005

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